Monday, 16 May 2011

West Dean Gardens - the Glasshouses

On my birthday we visited West Dean gardens in West Sussex - a place we fell in love with when we visited the area in 2008. In addition to being home to ordinary gardens, parkland and an arboretum, West Dean has the most magnificent walled garden. It's divided into a number of sections including an orchard containing hundreds of local varieties of fruit trees, vegetable and fruit gardens and 13 beautiful glasshouses, each divided into two to give 26 different growing environments. Each glasshouse houses something different, ranging from grape vines to fig trees to chilli plants to spectacular orchids. Since we visited on a weekday this time we had the glasshouses to ourselves.

Since I took so many photos this will be the first of a few posts on West Dean:

A peach growing on the wall of a glasshouse:

This is a single grape vine:

An approximately hundred year old fig tree:

The chilli house:

Even their labels are adorable:

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