Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Farlington Marshes

After dinner on Sunday we visited Farlington Marshes - a nature reserve on the edge of Langstone Harbour:

Actually we couldn't find it at first so we walked for quite a distance along the harbour wall to the East of the reserve before the heavens opened and soaked us. We dried off pretty quickly (apart from our shoes) while exploring the marshes:

We saw and heard lapwings, gulls, shelduck and other unidentifiable birds.

Many species seemed to favour the harbour wall, including a number of caterpillars, pale-coloured snails and plants:

I think this is sea kale:

but I'm not sure about this one:

We'd really like to return to the marshes when the geese are there. Every year around 26,000 brent geese (10% of the world total) visit the area. That must be an incredible sight.

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