Saturday, 7 May 2011

Baking time

I'm afraid I haven't time to blog about all the things we've been up to recently, but it has been on my mind and I promise I shall return to blogging very soon.

We're off to Hampshire for a couple of days to celebrate my birthday, so thank you in advance to all those who sent cards and presents.

We've just finished making a birthday cake - something I haven't done in years. Since we don't have a piping bag for icing we made the dragonfly out of little jellied orange and lemon slices (I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were vegetarian). If the cake tastes good I'll post the recipe on Frog End Food when we get back.


  1. Gosh vegetarian orange and lemon! What next? I hope that you have a very happy couple of days.

  2. Hope you have a purrrrrfect day on your birthday! Don't forget to tell us about Hampshire as we never been there! The cake looks tasty.. :D