Monday, 23 May 2011

On the Way Home

On our way back from Hampshire we stopped in the New Forest to see the Rufus stone:

We got hungry near Dorchester and there being no services apart from a McDonalds we drove through the town-centre to look for a supermarket. The road passes very close to the Keep Military Museum:

Built from Portland stone in 1879 the Keep was designed to resemble a Norman Castle.


  1. It has to be remarkably bad luck to be a king killed by an arrow glancing off a tree - presumably he should have been more choosy about those with whom he hunted. Poor marksmen, in particular, should be avoided.

  2. I completely agree. 300 metres from the stone was a large country pub named Sir Walter Tyrrell - the King got a small stone and his killer an entire pub named after him!

  3. West Dean looked lovely.

    I do worry that one day we may have lots of posts with "Here stood the tree that...." They'll probably cut down the trees to make to make the posts... (I must be having a cynical day!)