Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A trip to the zoo

Ian had a meeting at Paignton Zoo on his birthday and I took the opportunity to go with him and take one or two photographs ;-) Many of the animals were hiding from the cold and wet weather, but I was very pleased with my time spent in the reptile house. Not that I took many photos of reptiles - I'm no good at getting photographs through dirty glass. Rather I focused on capturing the tropical birds that were flying about freely.

Feeding station. From the left: speckled mousebird, green turaco and Java sparrow?:

Speckled mousebird:

Orange-headed ground thrush:

Java sparrow:

Young Java sparrow?:

White-rumped shama?:

Scarlet-faced Liocichla:


A long week

Unbelievably it's only been a week since Ian's birthday. We both had a lovely day, but unfortunately we received a call to say that Ian's grandad had been taken to hospital the night before. Although he was initially discharged he returned to the hospital after less than two days. Ian is currently in the North juggling work with visiting the hospital.

Since there's no internet at the house he's currently staying in I doubt that Ian has had an opportunity to thank you all for your presents and cards (indeed some of the cards arrived after he left so he hasn't even opened those yet). So I shall say a big thank you to everyone from both of us.