Friday, 22 July 2011

Wedding gifts

We had an incredible wedding last Saturday. The forecast was for heavy rain, but it rained in the morning, early afternoon and late in the evening, but our wedding was in the late afternoon and so we were incredibly lucky. I've put a selection of photographs taken by Ian and Kitty Wright on our wedding website.

Since Ian and I have already been living together for five years we decided to ask guests to contribute towards our honeymoon rather than to get us gifts, but a few people were kind enough to get us some keepsakes to remind us of the day.

This adorable glitter globe (can one call them snowglobes if they don't have snow?) was from my Dad, Jo and Rich. Ian took it to the ceremony venue and placed it on the table that we sat at to sign the register.

This lovely wall plaque was sent all the way from the other side of the Atlantic by the Canadian Chickadee and English Robin. We've hung it on our kitchen wall so we can see it every day. Thanks again to you both for the lovely surprise.

My Mum brought us these lovely flowers two days before the wedding and we decided to take them along to the ceremony to decorate the room:

Thank you to everyone who made our day so special.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Wedding photos

It may appear from this blog that I've taken very few photos recently. That's not actually the case, but I don't want to share some of my recent photos until after our wedding next week.

We've decided that in addition to the official wedding photos we'll have some of our own, many of which will be taken before the big day. Of course there'll be none of the people until the day, but there are a surprising number of other wedding-related things that can be photographed in advance. Our focus so far has been on favours, programmes and jewellery, but when my dress and the flowers arrive next week I'll be able to take lots more. There are a couple of advantages of taking pictures prior to the wedding - the first being that I can play with backgrounds that won't be available on the day (our wedding programmes and rings have already been on a couple of walks with us and Dad kindly sent us some wheat for a photograph) and the second being that I can choose what light I want to photograph things in. The forecast for the day is cloudy with a 40% chance of it not raining heavily (as GB puts it) so even if there's no sunshine on the day at least some of the photos will be sunny.