Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Marwell Zoological Park

We had a fantastic couple of days away and now I have the big job of going through all the photographs I took.

We began by visiting Marwell Zoological Park. The enclosures for the animals were enormous and there were relatively few animals in them, which made them feel much more natural even if it limited the photo opportunities:

My favourite animals were the snow leopard, which I didn't get a decent photo of, the ocelot:

and the kookaburra:

The giraffes were particularly friendly:

and I don't think I've seen this species of lemur (alaotran gentle) before:


  1. We are all happy that you enjoyed your birthday trip - it's fun to see all the pictures - what interesting animals! :D D, G & BL

  2. I live at Chester Zoo but I tend to hide away!

  3. Your cousins at Marwell are less shy gentle lemur!