Sunday, 30 May 2010

Out with the old...

Our tabby cat William has never been fond from drinking from a bowl in the house. After a long phase of drinking from the ponds he has recently been making use of a black bucket of water only a couple of metres from the house. The bucket was never particularly clean - I believe it had cement in the bottom when he began to drink from it, but over the last couple of weeks it has got decidedly dirty after a load of mosquito larvae hatched and subsequently died in it. William seemed quite oblivious to the fact that the water had turned green and had lots of dead insects floating in it (you'll be relieved to know that I didn't take a picture), but this weekend I decided enough was enough and took his bucket away. I was kind enough to replace it with a clean one, although the new one is orange. I'm not sure if he can tell the difference in colour, but it's certainly changed our view from the kitchen! At least he's making use of it.

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