Saturday, 22 May 2010

A home at last

One of Ian's favourite phrases (usually said in a hopeful voice during moments of chaos) is "a place for everything and everything in its place". It had not been possible to find a place for everything in our old kitchen. It's not that it was that small, but that there were so few places to put things. There was not a single drawer in the entire kitchen and only 3 ordinary cupboards. Pretty much everything had to be stored in one large unlit pantry and inevitably if you wanted to find something it was always stuck behind something else.

Our new kitchen is not fully assembled, but we are now beginning to find new homes for things that have been stored in boxes or on shelves in the lounge for the last six months. I have a thing about storage systems - the easier something is to locate and access the happier I am so I'm really pleased with the drawer inserts we bought at ikea for storing herb and spice jars. They seems simple enough, but are very sturdy and have little rubber feet to stop them sliding around the drawer:

Unfortunately they only came in an odd mistletoe pattern, but I think that will soon be covered up by the jars as I do more cooking and require more herbs and spices.


  1. What a brilliant idea. If I were designing my kitchen now and not 16 years ago I'd have a lot more drawers and fewer cupboards.

  2. I completely agree - we've gone for as many drawers as will fit (although of course there will be wall cupboards). It's wonderful not having to reach behind things to find other things as you do in cupboards.

  3. We have our spices and herbs in metal racks fitted to the inside of the cupboard doors which is quite good from the space point of view but means you have to search through them to find the one you want. Yours look much more practical.