Thursday, 27 May 2010

No news

I have a note taped to my monitor today - no news. It covers the left tab in my browser which is where I always have the bbc news page open throughout the day. Until a few years ago I never read and rarely watched or listened to the news. These days I probably read an average of about 30 news articles a day - that's a guess and on days when work is slow I read many many more. It's become as natural for me to check the news as to check my email (indeed if I have no emails then the news page is usually my next stop).

Today is the first day this year that I haven't read a single news article. The reason is that whilst I hardly ever watch television there are two series that I always watch - the X Factor and the US equivalent: American Idol - both reality type programs in which individuals sing and compete for the chance to win a recording contract. The X factor is shown live on UK television, but American Idol is shown a day later due to the difference in time zones. Last night was the final and I know that the result will be all over the news so I've been unable to take the risk of opening the news websites. Not being a big fan of sport I've never recorded anything and not wanted anyone to tell me the result before watching it so today has been very unusual for me. I look forward to finding out what's been happening in the world in a couple of hours when the winner has been announced on UK television.

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  1. Until recently when I was disabused of the fact I thought that The X Faxtor was some sort of quiz game. I've still never seen it but it's clearly popular here and in New Zealand.