Sunday, 25 December 2011

A new clock

GB remembered from his visit earlier in the year that we hadn't got a clock for our new kitchen and kindly offered to buy us one for Christmas. We wanted to get a black one to match our units. Searching on the web came up with lots of lovely clocks, but we both fell for this one. It arrived a couple of days ago and was the first present we unwrapped this morning.

As well as being a little bit different and less serious than most clocks it also has three lovely little animals - a bird, squirrel and a rabbit. The rabbit is my favourite.

By Christmas dinner time the clock was in its new home:

Thank you GB for a wonderful and thoughtful present.


  1. We now have some new vocab for telling the time...
    'What time is it?'
    'It's squirrel to rabbit'

  2. What a fun clock! I think it's absolutely wonderful. (My own will look boring now I've seen this...)

  3. You are very welcome indeed. The rabbit is very whimsical and it's my favourite too.

    I hope that you enjoy the rest of your Christmas. I'm now up and about on Boxing Day as you settle down for your Christmas Day evening.

  4. I've just seen your comment, Ian. That made me laugh. It's almost rabbit to squirrel here at the moment.