Monday, 14 November 2011


We celebrated Halloween a couple of days early this year as Ian was going away for a week. We were very busy with work so I didn't manage to do any baking, but we got these wonderful cakes from the supermarket (no doubt the first and last time that I'll happily eat spider):

As usual we carved pumpkins. I decided upon a bat which we both agreed looked more impressive in the light than in the dark:

Ian carved a graveyard scene which looked fantastic when lit:

Mum got us a lovely little tealight holder:

and we brought out these lovely little guys that Ian bought in Sweden:


  1. I love your carvings - so artistic. But I'm amazed thast you had a spider on your cake = and such a big one. Could this be a turning point in your phobia?

  2. Sorry to say that would be a no with regard to the spiders - especially after seeing GB's blog today!

    Did you recognise the bat? I traced it from the cover of the New Naturalist!

  3. Spectacular carvings. I carved a face on a huge pumpkin in Canada once and that's my sole contribution to pumpkin carving and Halloween since I was a child although I think we may have had a party for the boys on Lewis. I'm sadly lacking in the gene needed to celebrate festivals.

  4. Love the graveyard scene. Probably the best carved pumpkin I've ever seen!