Thursday, 13 October 2011


On our last morning in Cornwall Ian and I visited Polperro on the south coast. It's an adorable fishing village with some wonderful buildings.

None of the houses had numbers - instead each had a (presumably) unique name. It must be a daunting task for new postmen. The houses were all different and had lots of unique features like this front door

and this wonderful sign

The pubs were themed appropriately and we saw so many interesting eateries that we could have happily stayed there for a month and gone to a different one each day

Just as well this ice cream stall didn't open until the afternoon otherwise I'd have probably filled myself up before we even went to lunch.


  1. I've never managed a visit to Polperro. You've induced me to put it on my 'to see' list. Thanks.

  2. I'd definitely recommend it GB. We went there on the assumption that we'd only go once, but we both really want to not only go again, but also to stay there next time.

    One of the reasons the atmosphere was so wonderful was the lack of cars. Cars park outside the village and only residents are allowed to drive in the village itself and even then they can only access a few areas. None of the roads were wide enough to have cars parked on them which made the atmosphere wonderful and the photographing easy.

  3. I don't recall the ice cream shop but I want it moved to Pensby please. Amaretto ice cream - I'm salivating already...

    GB's is the place to pity postmen. The houses are numbered but they appear to be almost random - you certainly can't really on 43 being anywhere neat 42 or 41. It doesn't help that half the pupulation have the surname McLeod.

    I'm really glad the sun shone while you were there and, as you say, the lack of cars helps to make it so wonderful.

  4. There were actually three ice cream shops, close together on the main street you walk down, all of which had lots of flavours. I want one here too.

    At least we got an ice cream in Tintagel - my first lemon ice cream - very tasty and refreshing.

  5. Oops, CJ, McLeods are Lowlanders! MacLeods are Highlanders and Islanders. Generalisation, of course, but I don't know any McLeods. However your point is absolutely correct. In fact at one time the original croft 5 Laxdale (I think) had 5 houses on it with that address and 2 had as the householder Donald MacLeod (father and son). Who would be a postman?