Monday, 19 September 2011


Polly has a thyroid condition which requires us to give her a tablet once a day. The first day took 6 attempts, the second day it went down straight away. Today it took 5 hours of on and off attempts. Once we understood how to hold her jaw it's actually quite easy to get her to open her mouth. The problem is that if we fail to get her to swallow the tablet the first time she becomes angry and growls and snuffles which makes it more difficult for her to swallow.

This is Polly after she finally swallowed the tablet today.

She's actually a very sweet cat, but she sure can sulk!

Please cross your fingers that we all get the hang of this process soon.


  1. That really is an active tail - I'm sure it can't all be sulking / anger / fear...

  2. I suppose a cat has some difficulty understanding that you are being 'cruel' to be kind.