Friday, 16 September 2011

Along came Polly

From today Ian and I are going to be fostering 15 year old Polly from the Cats Protection Centre near Exeter. Polly has been at the centre for a long time and because of her age no one has offered to adopt her. We're giving her a home at Frog End so that she can enjoy her old age in peace. By fostering her we're also receiving support (mostly medical) from Cats Protection to help look after her.

We picked Polly up this morning and she soon found a patch of sun to sit in.

Welcome Polly.


  1. You've seen my Thankful Thursday post. Coincidence but apposite.

  2. Welcome Polly. I know you'll love your new home.

  3. Hi Polly, nice to see you. Enjoy your new home and plenty of cuddles and strokes. :)