Monday, 2 August 2010

Ruggadon Middlepark

We went for a wander around a Devon Wildlife Trust nature reserve today: Ruggadon Middlepark (not an easy name to remember - I keep calling it middlewood). We hadn't been there before and had read on the DWT website that it had "an outstanding number of butterflies". It didn't disappoint. Today we saw:

small whites (might have been green-veined)
large whites
meadow browns
speckled woods
common blues
large skipper
small copper
fritillaries (species unknown - see below for blurred photo taken in dark woodland!)

as well as a few different species of moth. Unfortunately we didn't spot any of the 4 species of hairstreak (I've only photographed the green in the past) or the other 3 species of skipper, but it was by no means a disappointing day.

Common blue:

6-spot burnet moth:

Small copper:

large skipper:

Unknown fritillary:

Every time you put your foot down several grasshoppers and crickets jumped up. This was our favourite - a long-winged conehead. I took about 30 photographs of her on the opposite side of a grass - she kept turning round and round as I tried to get a good view of her. Eventually she jumped and looked straight at me:


  1. Some real good ones here.
    Its nice to observe them......wonders of nature.

  2. Oh Helen. I would so love to see all those. I've seen so few this year.

  3. I would guess at a Silver-washed Fritillary but can't really say why.

  4. Thank you. Is it normal for them to be in dark woodland rather than out in the sunshine in the early afternoon?