Monday, 19 July 2010

A different view

A long time ago and on a different blog I wrote a post about a potential new kitchen. We had never considered going for a really modern feel for our new kitchen until we saw a shiny black one in ikea, but having fallen in love with it we never saw anything that came close to matching it. We bought the kitchen and finished assembling all the units quite a few weeks ago now, but because various building works were still going on around the units we didn't dare to remove their protective covers.

This week the covers finally came off. They were pretty tricky to remove and because of the length of time they'd been on those that had been in the sun for longest (only two drawers luckily) left all their sticky backing stuck to the drawer front. Luckily, despite the instructions clearly stating not to use anything to clean them other than soapy water, the risk of using 'sticky stuff remover' (a marvellous product that my father introduced us to) paid off. We now have lots of beautiful mirror like shiny black doors and drawer fronts. After weeks of looking at matt protective covers the kitchen looks all sparkly. I'm really pleased with our choice of ceiling lights:

as they look great reflected in the doors:

It's fantastic to be facing the middle of the house and still have a clear view of the garden reflected in the doors. You'll have to excuse the dark and blurry picture that was taken just a few minutes ago when it was raining and getting dark (it's also difficult to hold the camera up without it being reflected too):

This was taken looking directly at a cupboard door (you can see the handle in the bottom left of the picture) and not through the window itself.


  1. Love the lighting. And great reflections, too.

  2. I'm really glad it's all coming together for you. It's not looking hopeful for a visit this summer although I'd love to get down.

  3. Thanks GB. This year sure is flying by fast.