Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Baros Resort

After taking a taxi, two trains, two planes and a boat we arrived on the island of Baros in the Maldives.

We stayed in a villa over the water:

Our villa had steps down to the lagoon and the reef was only a 2 minute swim away. Not that we needed to go to the reef to see all the fish as many swam under the villa and into the shallow water underneath the boardwalks (I'll save the photos for another post).

There are three restaurants on the island - the Lighthouse:

Lime Restaurant:

and Cayenne Restaurant:

The staff at Baros are incredible. They outnumber the guests 2 to 1 and whatever the time of day you can't go for a walk without half a dozen people saying good morning, good afternoon or good evening to you. The majority of staff seem genuinely friendly and you can't go to breakfast or dinner without someone coming over to chat and ask how you're enjoying your holiday. All questions were dealt with quickly and even when our air conditioning unit broke the maintenance people worked on it until midnight and then again very early the next morning to have it fixed (we slept in another villa that night).

The villas are cleaned twice a day and each morning the cleaners drop off bottle water and a couple of pieces of fruit. Ian tried rambutan for the first time:

Breakfast at the Lime Restaurant was the largest buffet Ian or I had ever seen. There were rolls, toast, croissants, pain au chocolat, doughnuts, danishes, fruit bread, muffins, fresh fruit, tinned fruit, nuts, seeds, yoghurt, cereals, waffles, omelettes, oatmeal, maldivian curry, rice, vegetables, nine different types of juice, smoothies, champagne etc etc. Needless to say we only ate lunch on one day out of the ten we were away.

Tropical fruits, including 3 types of melon, pineapple, papaya, guava, grapefruit, orange, apple and 2 types of dragonfruit:

A maldivian omelette with maldivian curry:

We ate dinner at the restaurants, but also on the deck of our villa and down on the beach one night.

The island itself is lush with palm trees and all sorts of beautiful tropical plants and trees. I bought a book to help me identify them so will be spending some time with it before I blog about the vegetation in greater depth

Although there were many hundreds of aquatic species there were relatively few animals on the island. One of the most common species was the grey heron. It was wonderful watching them fishing in such an exotic location:


  1. Great pictures - lots of tasty looking fruits all of which you can eat in Indonesia - Yummy :) Hard to get Rambutan in the UK except in Harrods! Looking forward to see all the other blog posts :D

  2. Sounds and looks completely amazing and as near the stereotypical idea of paradise that one can get.

  3. This looks so beautiful.
    Your photos really could be made into an advertisement for this resort, they are that good.

  4. Your whole experience sounds a great advert for the resort.

    I would love to try some of the more exotic fruits and I like the shape of the plate/bowl you had them in.

    Looking forward to seeing some more of the wildlife / vegetation when you have time to sort your pictures and identify species.