Monday, 6 December 2010

The Chestnut Centre part 1: deer

Last weekend we took a trip North to see Gary and Dewi. We first stopped at Ikea at Bristol, but they were having some kind of emergency and were evacuating the store. We decided not to wait and proceeded to the Ikea at Wednesbury instead. After we got our shopping we continued up to Preston. You can see photos from our visit at and

On Saturday we all went shopping and chose Dewi a bridesmaid's dress :-)

On Sunday we returned home via the Chestnut Centre. Derbyshire was covered in thick snow and although many of the animals were hiding from the cold the ones that were out were very friendly. Most of the deer were on or next to the main path running along the hillside:

We were approached by a beautiful stag who was presumably checking that we were behaving ourselves around the rest of the herd.

This pretty little fallow deer wanted to know if we had any food and even when it discovered we did not it stayed close for some photographs.

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  1. Well that merits a big feeling of closeness to nature.