Friday, 1 October 2010

Harvest time

It's been ages since I blogged and yet besides work, and other boring things like dentists appointments, not much has happened since Dad left Frog End.

We've had two papers back from review at academic journals, so that's required quite a bit of work - fingers crossed that they get accepted soon. Ian has taught a two day GIS course to volunteers on Project Lemur and is off to London this weekend to hand over his University work to his replacement.

I've been continuing to scan and sort old photographs - hopefully I'll be finished the end of this year. It's quite a lengthy process as I'm filing as many of the photos as I can by date and it takes a bit of research to work out when I did things. If only I'd kept a proper diary in my teens.

I've been continuing to cook lots of new meals as a result of having the new kitchen. You can see some of the recipes on my Frog End Food blog. This afternoon I'm going to make chutney for the first time. Our tomato plants have died as a result of a cold spell this week so I had to pick all the green tomatoes before they went mouldy. We have 2.4 kg of green tomatoes so green tomato chutney it shall be. A double thanks to Bryony and Mark who not only bought us a preserving pan last Christmas, but also sent us the tomato seeds.

It's been a very good year for tomatoes - probably because we grew them in our new greenhouse. Next year we hope to grow lots of aubergines and peppers too.


  1. Indexing photos. Hmmm. My plan is to weed out and digitise the last 50 plus years' photos. I sometimes wonder if that's an achievable aim! At least most of mine are already in date order. It's just a question sometimes of where and who!

    It also seems to be a big year for green tomato chutney - you are by no means alone amongst my friends in not getting their tomatoes ripened this year.

    Why does tomatoes have an e when tomato doesn't?

  2. We've actually had hundreds of ripe tomatoes this year and the plants were still flowering right up until the cold spell. It's been a wonderful year for tomatoes (no clue about the e!).

  3. I should have said 'all their tomatoes ripened'. I'm told that there have been bumper crops but more green ones left at the end of the season than usual.