Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A new resident at Frog End

For several years I've had a draft excluder in the shape of a frog. For a couple of them he remained unnamed, but upon having his long legs put in some of my boots one day (not by myself I might add) he became "frog in boots". I don't think he's ever been used as a draft excluder - not because I've lived in particularly warm houses, but because pusses don't appreciate being shut in or out of rooms, but he's always been a fond member of the household.

Today frog in boots was joined by a hare doorstop, made by the same company Dora Designs. I've been keeping a cut-out picture of the hare from a catalogue in my desk for several months and when Bryony and Mark gave me a cheque for my birthday I decided that she had to be purchased.

We've decided that the hare is female, because for some reason all my animals, whether they be stuffed toys, ornaments or paperweights so far have been male. The hare will eventually be used to keep one of the French doors open, but there's currently a one foot drop when you walk out the door so she'll have to wait until the new deck is in place before she can be put to work.

She and the frog seem to be getting on well already!

Thanks Bryony & Mark :-)


  1. Awww.. such a cute pair! They are so lovely and cuddly. What's the name of the hare? :)

  2. We haven't quite decided yet Dewi. We're thinking maybe either primrose or buttercup (flower names are good for girls :-) )

  3. Frog in boots is male? I thought she was female! - why was he wearing ladies boots?

  4. They actually seem to have personalities! I'm glad that I'm not the only person who gives so many things a name.

  5. there is a pheasant and fox in the same series -- no surprise that we have the pheasant as well as the frog!